There is no right or wrong way to play the game! Since we believe in the power of play and imagination, we encourage you to imagine new ways to play the game with friends, partners, colleagues, teammates, and even complete strangers. We’ve included some suggested ways to play below!


Free Play (Multiplayer) - Place all the cards face down in a pile. The players will take turns choosing a card and reading a question out loud. All players should answer each question. We encourage you to share a story or experience related to each question.


Prediction (Multiplayer) - Place all the cards face down in a pile. The players will take turns choosing a card and reading the question out loud. The group will attempt to answer the question for the person who drew the card. Then person who drew the card will give the card to the person who is the first to answer the question correctly. If no one answers correctly, discard the card. For “yes or no” questions, discard the card if the first guess is incorrect. The person who has collected the most cards at the end wins.


Fact or Fiction (Multiplayer) - Split the cards evenly among all the players. The player who celebrated a birthday most recently goes first. The first person will choose to answer one of the questions they hold in their hand. The person sitting to their left must decide whether they answered the question honestly or dishonestly. If they guess correctly, they collect the card and place it down in front of them, if they guess incorrectly the person answering the question gets to keep the card. Continue clockwise around the circle until all players have answered each question. Whoever has the most cards in front of them wins.


Zoom Play (Multiplayer) - The player with the physical copy of the card deck should place all the cards face down in a pile. This person will read a question from either the yellow or blue track out loud. Every player will answer each question. If another player’s answer to any question interests any player, encourage that player to share the story behind their answer. 


Writing Prompt (Single Player or Multiplayer) - Pick a question from any card. Write a journal entry, short story, or poem (real or fictional) that answers the question. Raise the stakes by allowing someone in your group to read what you wrote. If you’re feeling brave, encourage each other to read out loud to the group.


Large Group Play - Break into small groups. Split the cards evenly between each group. Have each group go through all the questions allowing every person to share their answers with their small group.


Destiny (multiplayer) - Each player will need a cup full of their preferred beverage. Each player draws 5 cards (yellow or blue) and lays them down facedown in front of them. Decide who will go first. The first person will choose one of the cards in front of them, and answer the question. If any of the other players have the same answer, they should take a sip of their beverage. The players will continue to answer the questions one by one moving clockwise around the circle.  Whoever finishes their drink first, wins.